Transport Times supports IBM's Smarter Transport for a Sustainable Future

Transport Times is pleased to support IBM’s Smarter Transport for a Sustainable Future

Friday 10th September 2010 - Lancaster House, London SW1A 1BB

The event will form the third day of the IBM Business Summit part of the Start Initiative founded by HRH The Prince Of Wales with the aim of showing what a sustainable future could look like and the simple steps that we can all take to make it a reality

Smarter Transport for a Sustainable Future will consider the challenges of managing transportation in a more holistic and sustainable way. It will explore practical ideas, innovations and new forms of collaboration that can be put into action to deliver positive sustainability outcomes and real business benefits for participants and the organisations they represent.

Smarter Transport for a Sustainable Future will feature some of the biggest names in transport discussing key sustainability questions, including:

  • How do we make progress towards achieving sustainable transport within current budgets?
  • How can we better manage transport demands given the current supply?
  • How do we encourage motorists and fleet operators to change to more low carbon transport solutions?
  • How do we share data across the modes of transport to enable a better and more efficient experience for users?
  • How will we collaborate with all stakeholders to drive eco-efficiencies?  

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate leadership and use your influence to shape a sustainable future is available to just 120 senior level leaders from a mix of UK public and private sector organisations chaired by Professor David Begg of the Transport Times.  This is a free of charge event, access to which can be obtained by invitation only. 

To find out more and register your interest go to: