Norman Baker MP confirmed as Keynote Speaker at 'Meeting the Future Needs of Local Transport Conference'

We are delighted to announce that Norman Baker MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, will deliver the keynote address at our Meeting the Future Needs of Local Transport Conference on 15 July at the Palace Hotel in Central Manchester.


This year's National Transport Awards Conference focuses on the difficult task that local authorities have in planning and delivering their strategy in such a challenging fiscal environment where cuts of up to 50% in capital spend are forecast, casting doubt about what can be achieved on the ground.  Focussed panel sessions around governance, funding, buses, rail and highways will discuss the pressing issues around meeting the future needs of local transport across the UK.


In an exclusive interview with Transport Times, Norman Baker stuck to his radical policy proposals for transport despite the stringent cuts in expenditure his department are facing. While he and the Secretary of State for Transport, Phillip Hammond, have differing philosophies on transport the signs are that they will compromise and present a united front.


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