19TH MAY 2009


The Scottish Government is in the process of developing a Scottish Framework for road safety for the next decade, which will be published for consultation in the spring of 2009.

With Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure & Climate Change, confirmed as providing the keynote address, this one-day conference gives delegates the perfect opportunity to discuss and debate the new framework.

Despite significant reductions in the number of people killed or seriously injured on Scotland's roads in recent years, casualties among certain groups of road user have not fallen as much as had been hoped. In 2007, 282 people were killed and a further 15,781 people were injured on Scotland's roads.

The Scottish Government is clearly committed to improving safety on the roads, but will it now need to get bolder? And what does this mean for harnessing better public support for measures proven to work but unpopular with drivers?

In addition, Councillor Phil Wheeler, Convener of Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee for Edinburgh will outline the ambitious plans that Edinburgh are developing to establish a Vision Zero strategy.

 Topics for discussion

  • What should be the priorities of the new framework?
  • What can local authorities achieve on road safety through urban design?
  • What should be done on rural roads?
  • What do motorcyclists and cyclists want from the new framework?

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Colin Matthews

Chairman, Highways England