28TH APRIL 2009


The Government has signalled a change in the way transport willbe run in city regions. The Local Transport Act has paved the way for new Integrated Transport Authorities which will see two pilot cities being announced on new City Governance arrangements.

With The Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Transport providing the keynote, this one-day conference gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss and debate current best practice in transport.

This conference is organised in association with DfT and will look at current best practice on City Governance when it comes to transport and look at what lessons can be learnt from London. The 3 main areas of focus are; Integrated Transport Authorities; Transport and the Economy; Transport and the Environment.

Topics for discussion:

 Integrated Transport Authorities (City Governance)

  • What implications will new City Governance arrangements have for PTAs / PTEs and local authorities?
  • Should new Integrated Transport Authorities be given more powers on rail and bus?
  • Who should be responsible for highways?
  • What lessons can we learn from TfL: is the model applicable in other cities?

Transport and the Economy

  • What role can transport play in stimulating economic growth?
  • Can the Regional Development Agencies do more on transport?

Transport and the Environment

  • How can local authorities reduce their carbon footprint?

Significant investment is taking place in public transport across the UK. Over the last fifteen years, Transport Times has been at the forefront of recognising excellence, commitment and innovation in our industry

Sir Terry Morgan CBE