6TH MAY 2009


Climate change is the defining global challenge of our age. No government, business, or citizen can afford to fail the climate change challenge and aviation is no exception.

Chaired by Broadcaster, Lucy Alexander, this conference is a unique opportunity to test emerging scientific and technological proposals designed to ensure sustainable growth is compatible with climate targets. Attendance will allow you to hear the views of the aerospace industry, airlines, scientists, policy specialists and environmentalists on this critical issue.

Organised in association with BAA, the conference will examine the current and future technological and scientific advances in the aviation industry in the context of the broader climate change challenge. The main areas of focus will be the aviation industry and growth, the scientific and technological opportunities, emissions trading and the scale of the climate change challenge.

Topics for discussion 

  • How far has aviation engine technology advanced in recent years?
  • Has technology advanced enough to enable aviation expansion to be compatible with environmental targets?
  • Are biofuels a serious interim technology?
  • What are the latest air traffic and air space management advances? How will these help cut CO2 emissions?
  • Will the ETS provide the incentive for the industry to migrate to low carbon technologies?
  • Will science provide the answer and enable aviation to expand as it has done in recent years?
  • How can ongoing serious debate help meet the challenges?
  • How can the aerospace, wider transport and environmental sectors work best together?

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Sir Terry Morgan CBE