Glasgow Low Emission Zone - A Scottish Transport Summit blog

Following the success of last year's inaugural Scottish Transport Summit, Transport Times is hosting event again this June.

Held in association with Transport Scotland, the 2018 Scottish Transport Summit will focus on the following themes:

  • Scotland's National Transport Strategy
  • New legislation on buses
  • Connectivity, Congestion and Pollution
  • Low emission zone agenda
  • Rail patronage in Scotland

Our one day conference will bring together key decision-makers, practitioners and thinkers to discuss and debate Scotland's transport needs and future strategy.

Glasgow City Council's Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, Cllr Anna Richardson will be participating in the conference in a session on the low carbon and low emission zone agenda. Below she gives an insight into what might be discussed.

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As City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, I am very aware that to achieve our ambition of being one of the most sustainable cities in Europe, transport will have a key part to play. And of course sustainability is about so much more than protecting our environment. It is about ensuring that our urban areas promote the physical wellbeing of our citizens and enable them to reduce their own carbon footprint through their lifestyle choices; making progress in the transport sector sits at this intersection between environmental and health concerns.

Reducing emissions is a real priority for the city, and our key driver is the health of our people. We know that air pollution contributes to up to 300 premature deaths per year, and a significant proportion of that pollution is caused by transport. And we know that the effects of these emissions disproportionately affect the more vulnerable members of our society, so this is not only about improving health but also beginning to tackle the health and social inequalities Glasgow has faced for too long. Through partnership working we have made improvements, and we have managed to revoke several of our air quality management areas, which is to be commended. But it has not been quick enough. For too long Glasgow has been in the headlines for our dirty air. We want to change that story, and we are leading the way in Scotland with our work on the country's first low emission zone.

Glasgow's LEZ is a policy that I am proud to stand behind. It will cover all vehicle types, because we acknowledge that to achieve the results our city deserves we must tackle emissions wherever they come from. And we will be ensuring a manageable, yet robust timetable for implementation that won't have a detrimental impact on the bus services that our citizens rely on, nor harm the businesses that allow our city to thrive. It is a policy that is rooted in the principles of consultation and open dialogue with stakeholders, as we recognise that we need to work together to make it a success.

And is has been heartening through the many conversations I have had to hear that there is widespread support for the LEZ. It is understood that this is the only direction for cities to take, both nationally and across Europe, if we are to ensure our city centres are welcoming, healthy, pleasant places to be. Clean air is good for our people, our businesses and our future.