Britain is Ready

The National Infrastructure Commission are in consultation mode in the first half of 2018. They want to gauge opinion on their plans to tackle congestion on our transport networks, increase capacity and reduce carbon. While energy and better broadband connections feature strongly in the NIC's recommendations it is transport which takes most of their attention.

The Summit on 23rd May will be held alongside the NIC and will be attended by a number of their commissioners.

There will also be the opportunity for key delivery organisations to communicate what they see as their priorities and to enter into an open, transparent and iterative dialogue with the NIC.

Key themes will be:

-How much should we rely on more Infrastructure capacity compared with squeezing more out of existing capacity through smart pricing?
-How will the digital revolution change travel patterns and deliver more capacity?
-How can transport investment help the UK to tackle the shortage of housing?

Below, Heathrow Airport's chief executive John Holland-Kaye gives an overview at what will be discussed in session 1: Major Infrastructure Projects.

To hear more about this at the conference book your place here.


Good transport infrastructure underpins economic growth. That's why this conference is so timely.

Britain has never needed direct connections to the growing economies of the world more than it does today. In coming weeks the UK Parliament is expected to vote on the Government's plan to expand Heathrow.

As the UK's only hub airport, Heathrow is Britain's gateway to the world, an enabler for trade and tourism across the country.

And as the UK comes closer to leaving the EU, the country needs to connect every region and nation to growth. A thriving hub airport – proven as the most effective way to deliver frequent, direct and secure long-haul connectivity – is vital in helping Britain to remain competitive in the world.

For decades, our lack of hub airport capacity has held back the UK's economy. Key routes from Heathrow to Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai are virtually full and unable to accommodate further growth in trade.

Every year of delay costs billions in lost opportunities for jobs and growth. This vote is our chance to ensure that Britain does not fall behind our rivals in France and Germany and that we maintain our position as one of the world's great trading nations.

Heathrow expansion will deliver stronger, more sustainable connections for Britain, linking businesses and communities from every corner of our country to new markets. We can double cargo capacity so more UK businesses can trade with the world.

It will enable new jobs and apprenticeships up and down the country, helping to end unemployment around the airport and building a highly skilled future generation.

Building Britain's new runway is not a choice between the economy and the environment. We are committed to meeting or exceeding our environmental commitments as we expand.

Our Heathrow 2.0 plan for sustainable growth sets out an ambitious plan for Heathrow to be the leader in tackling the big issues in aviation such as carbon, noise and air quality. We are also taking a lead among British businesses - an example is our recent pledge to enable the recycling of all coffee cups used at Heathrow by the end of 2018. At a stroke it will double the number of cups recycled in the UK every day.

We are listening closely to our local community, so they can help shape the future Heathrow. Earlier this year our public first consultation saw thousands of residents attended 40 events held in communities surrounding Heathrow, providing valuable feedback on options to deliver and operate an expanded airport.

At the conference I'll look forward to giving more details of how Heathrow can become an integrated transport hub, with better domestic air rail, bus and coach links.

And I'll show Heathrow's plan to ensure that such a significant infrastructure build is carried out on time and on budget, something in which we have great experience from Terminal 2 and Terminal 5.

By supporting the expansion of Heathrow, parliament can show the world that Britain is open for business.

It is a decision that will shape the future of Britain and provide the certainty local communities need and deserve.

The World is Waiting for Britain's new runway. Britain must show it is ready.