26TH MAY 2011


We are delighted to have Theresa Villiers MP, Minister of State for Transport as our confirmed Keynote Speaker.

How we pay for public transport fares, get informed about our travel options and kept up-to-date during travel is getting smarter. So smart, the Government believes it has the potential to revolutionise public transport.

In terms of technology, the Government has committed itself to delivering the infrastructure to enable public transport journeys to be made using smart ticketing and wants to see a single national smartcard ‘within a few years.’ It also wants to work with the rail and bus industry on what can be done to stimulate improvement and innovation in ticketing products available to passengers.

But it’s not just the products available within the industry that’s making travel smarter, it’s how the industry is reaching out to existing and potential passengers. Smarter marketing, smarter choices (personal travel planning) and the use of social networking are all being innovatively employed to successfully boost the take-up of public transport.

Our exciting one-day event provides the perfect opportunity to hear all the latest developments and innovation in smarter travel.

Topics for discussion include:

  • What barriers are left in reaching a national smartcard?
  • How can Oyster be incorporated in to a national scheme?
  • Where next for London’s smart ticketing system?
  • How can smartcards reduce costs and deliver greater efficiencies in service delivery?
  • How real is the vision for contactless payments?
  • Is mobile ticketing a better option than smartcards?
  • How can social media help attract users on to public transport?
  • How smart have we got with marketing for public transport?

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