The rail industry must rediscover innovation
Paul Maynard MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport

20 March 2017

Rail privatisation led to an influx of new ideas. But the pace of progress has slowed. A return of the pioneering spirit is needed to meet the challenges the industry....

Give communities a chance to lead services
Derek Halden, Director of transport data and technology business DHC Loop Connections

13 March 2017

Current governance structures allow connectivity problems to be passed around rather than solved. Reforms to allow communities to take more control are overdue.

Connectivity is a widely stated goal, but not....

Budget gives councils chance to bid for £690m congestion-busting fund
Transport Times and Key Industry Figures

8 March 2017

A £690m competitive fund for tackling congestion was a surprise but welcome announcement in chancellor Philip Hammond's first Budget today.

The fund was one of a number of allocations from the....

21 March 2017
Transport Times @TransportTimes
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