4TH JULY 2019


How Transport is Going to Drive Economic Growth in the Midlands

Our one day Summit on 4 July 2019 will bring together the key politicians and practitioners to discuss and debate the future transport strategy in the Midlands

The Midlands currently has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. However, with an array of transport investments on the horizon there is potential for even more economic growth in the region.

HS2 is playing a vital role in revitalising the country – this is why the regional bodies across the Midlands will develop their own strategies to maximise HS2's potential in their respective areas.There will also be a focus on the Midlands Rail Hub, a 20 year-rail strategy which will support an extra £649 million of economic growth and investment annually by enabling faster and more frequent journeys across the Midlands and spreading easy access to HS2 services.

The Midlands are also facing many challenges, including air quality. Buses are an integral part of the solution to Clean Air Zones, rather than a problem (Greener Buses: Cleaner Air). Part of the conference will allow key figures to disseminate how to put buses at the heart of air quality. The West Midlands Bus Alliance unites bus operators, local councils, and other partners to jointly deliver excellent passenger satisfaction and drive forward investment in bus services.

Furthermore, in late 2018, the Transport Select Committee published a report on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) calling on the Department for Transport to actively engage and help the way it is developed. MaaS schemes can potentially reduce dependency on any one type of transport by decreasing and eliminating the difficulty of accessing different transport services and allowing individuals to opt for the right mode for their particular journey. One session will allow key stakeholders the opportunity to provide updates on how MaaS is being implemented across the region.



  • Laura Shoaf

    Managing Director
    Transport for West Midlands


  • Prof. David Begg (Session Chair)

    Chief Executive
    Transport Times
  • David Bradford

    Managing Director - Bus
    National Express
  • Claire Haigh

    Chief Executive
    Greener Journeys
  • Jim Steer


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Colin Matthews

Chairman, Highways England