Please note: We are not currently accepting entries for the 2021 awards. When a date for the ceremony has been fixed, we will open the entry process allowing for plenty of time for submissions.


1. Excellence in Cycling and Walking 
A cycling or walking strategy may form the basis of a submission for this category or an individual scheme, which has brought significant benefits. Increased numbers of people cycling or reduced cycle casualties are two ways that you could document the success of your work.  Examples of initiatives for this Award include environmental enhancement schemes, pedestrian schemes or parking and warden policies. Before and after photographs are helpful to the Judges in this category.

2. Most Effective Road Safety, Traffic Management and Enforcement Project
This category encompasses all aspects of traffic management and enforcement. Examples of projects that would qualify are road pricing schemes, speed management, road space reallocation projects (for example bus lanes) and parking enforcement schemes. We will be looking for results such as casualty reductions, improved journey reliability, modal shift, or congestion reduction.

3. Bus Operator of the Year

This Award is not available to enter online. The shortlist for this particular award will be ratified by Transport for London. 

4. Rail Operator of the Year
This Award is open to all rail and light rail service operators. Entries for this Award should outline the range of initiatives that the operator has been involved in to improve services and facilities together with results that have been achieved. Figures on performance, reliability, passenger growth and customer satisfaction should be included in the submission. 

5. Most Innovative Transport Project

Projects entered for this Award need to stand out as being that bit different - it could be a project that is the first of its kind in London, or a project that has been done before but has been approached differently.

6. Contribution to Sustainable Transport
A submission in this category should demonstrate how your organisation has implemented policies to reduce its impact on the environment (for example reduced carbon footprint), supported by clear documented results. The types of projects that would qualify for this category include the use of alternative vehicle fuels and technologies or freight practices which have resulted in mileage and/or emissions/reductions.

7. Excellence in Technology
This category is open to any organisation using new technologies to assist in the transport planning or running of transport operations in London. Again we need to see evidence that the project has brought about good results, demonstrated benefits to users and or efficiencies throughout the operation.

8. MaaS Innovator of the Year            **NEW**
New to the 2020 Awards the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Innovator of the Year is open to any organisation in London that is using technology to seamlessly integrate and enhance public and private transport services through better journey information, integrated ticketing and payment systems to meet the complete mobility needs of the customer. We need to see evidence of a significant change in customer behaviour and travel habits.

9. Transport Team/Partnership of the Year
A submission in this category should demonstrate how effective team work has brought improvements to transport services or facilities. We will be looking for evidence that the way the team operates as a unit has brought measurable improvements to the service you provide or projects you deliver.

10. Transport Supplier of the Year
Suppliers of equipment and services to the rail, light rail, underground, bus and roads sectors are all eligible to enter this category. Entrants should demonstrate the transport benefits accrued from the use of these products and services e.g. decreased crime levels, increased efficiencies, better integration, improved reliability etc. It may be that you have innovatively applied existing products and services or introduced a new product or service that has traditionally been used outside the transport sector.

11. Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing

This category covers all areas of transport marketing including information, promotion and travel planning. We will be looking for evidence that the approach that you have adopted is achieving results e.g. modal shift, increased users, reduction of accidents etc.

12. Airport of the Year
This award is open to all airports in London.  An entry in this category would provide evidence of excellence or significant improvement in overall performance or provision of facilities over the past 12 months. KPIs and customer satisfaction results will be particularly relevant as evidence of this.

Please note: Because of the disparity in size between Heathrow and other London airports, for the purposes of this category Heathrow terminals will be treated as airports in their own right and will be eligible to enter individually. Heathrow will not be eligible to make a submission as a single unit.

13. Frontline Employee of the Year
We're looking for nominations for this award for a frontline member of staff (for example, school crossing patrols, bus drivers, highways inspectors, receptionists) who has gone beyond the call of duty in their role and delivered a better service as a result. The nominee will have demonstrated a real commitment to their service and your nomination will need to outline briefly (500 words maximum) what they have done to deserve the award, supported with statistical or anecdotal evidence. Supporting letters are useful in this category. 

14. The Stuart Ross Young Transport Communications Professional of the Year Award

This category is open to young communications professionals involved in the transport industry, aged 30 or under at 1st Jan 2019. Nominated candidates should be able to demonstrate an outstanding contribution to improving transport in London. 

The award commemorates the life and achievements of Stuart, Transport for London's Director of News, who sadly passed away in 2016. Those who knew him will be aware of the work he did in giving others a start in life through an internship programme he started for young communications professionals.He was a master communicator himself and it seems very fitting to have an award such as this dedicated to Stuart's legacy.


These awards are not available to enter online. These awards are reserved for individuals who have contributed immensely to transport in London and will be nominated by the judges 

15. Outstanding Contribution to Transport Across London

16. Outstanding Contribution to Local Transport in London